The Consortium consists of two bodies, namely a Board of Directors and an Executive Board.

The Board of Directors

The presidency of the Board of Directors (CA) is held by Togo in the person of Mr. Ben Dossè Têko Kodzo AYIKOE, Vice-President of the association "Voisins Solidaires-Togo", and currently has 10 member countries that are:

These ten countries are represented respectively by:

  • Mr Constant Péphael AZOGBONON ;
  • Mr Dossè Têko Kodzo AYIKOE
  • Mr. Emerald Komlan Dodji ADOBOE;
  • Ms. Saran Kaba DIAKITE;
  • Mr. N'fana Kaba DIAKITE;
  • Mr. Mandjou JABBI;
  • Mr. René Pierre Sarambaye SAMBOU;
  • Mr. Abdou Salam MAMAN SANNI;
  • Mr Muhammad Akanbi OLOWOLOBA and
  • Mr. Igor Médard BOIDJE.

The Executive Board

The Executive Board (BE) is the second body of the Consortium; it is represented by Benin, Mali and Nigeria.